With the recent updates to the lockdown ruling, the way we want to look after our customers has changed. Your safety is paramount to us here at Phoenix Bowl, so here’s a quick guide to what we’re asking of our customers.

Track & Trace

Upon entering the premises, we will ask you to complete a track & trace form. This is so that we can notify you, our customers, to get checked out and to self isolate, in the unfortunate event that a member of the public who came to Phoenix Bowl on the date you were also in the building has been diagnosed with Covid-19.

Hand Sanitiser

At the entrance to the building, there will be hand sanitiser available to use to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. We politely ask all of our customers to do this so that we can all continue to enjoy ourselves during these difficult times.

Face Coverings

Whilst these are not mandatory in our establishment due to our serving of food and drinks, we do request that upon entering the building ALL members of your party are wearing a face covering until seated. We also would like to request that whilst walking to and from your table to any of our facilities (toilets, food counter or bar) and whilst queuing and being served, that face coverings are worn. This is to protect not only our staff, but yourselves and any of our customers that you will be passing whilst making your way through the building.

We currently do not require you to wear a face covering whilst bowling as being socially distant from other groups of people and using the seating areas whilst waiting your turn will be a similar environment to being seated at a table.


We thank you in advance for your support and co-operation during this time.
Stay safe, and we’ll see you at Phoenix Bowl!